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C)   What’s in it for you

On behalf of my project Amaziah Jewellery, which sells ethical jewellery,  I will be travelling to Uganda this August to both purchase fair trade jewellery from craftspeople and to visit and feature community projects.

I will be documenting my travels and filming/interviewing several community projects, of these projects, I have chosen 3 I would like to raise money for.


I will be doing a sponsored 35 mile “district line” walk from Hornchurch -à Ealing Broadway.
This walk will be taking place in the 3 days between coming back from Ghana and going to Uganda, the 14th 15th or 16th August. I will be walking with a pedometer and filming a message at each station as proof I am there, I will be tweeting my whereabouts so feel free to walk along with me to make sure!

                                 More about the projects
The money I raise will be split between the following 3 projects, the amount of help/investment I can give depends entirely on donations.  Keep reading because there is something init for you too!

1)    Watoto Babies Home – I have worked with Watoto for about 3 months at the Kampala babies home. The home takes in abandoned, sick and dying babies, and provides them with a home, medical attention, a family and a future. The children are looked after and loved until they graduate from college. The money raised will either go towards clothing, or if there is enough raised, to buy equipment from the needs list, to view the needs list please visit the official website www.watoto.com. Footage and proof of donation will be recorded.

2)    Women of Kireka – The Women of Kireka project will be one of the projects I will be purchasing jewellery from. All internally displaced peoples, the women fled the war torn north and were sent to work breaking rocks in a nearby quarry. The project has saved many lives including those of the women’s young children and babies.  I will be using the money raised to provide English learning materials in order for the women to expand and take control of their beading business.

3)    Breakdance Uganda  supports young boys and rescued child soldiers from Northern Uganda, giving them a creative outlet and enabling them to make a living from dance shows. A friend of mine also teaches the boys art and how to make money from arts and crafts. The money raised will go towards craft materials for the boys and also English learning materials to enable the boys to create a better future for themselves.


                                                 Whats in it for me?

Apart from knowing you have done a great thing, I am offering some incentives to donate to these great projects.

·         All donators will be mentioned on my website and blog, and will be entered into a mystery prize draw.

·         Donations of over £5 will receive a 5% discount when Amaziah Jewellery is officially launched.
·         Donations of over 10% will receive a 10% discount
·         Donations of £15, £20, £30 £40 £50 will also receive corresponding discount vouchers. Terms will apply.

·         Donations of over £50 will receive free tickets to the exclusive launch event  (date to be confirmed) as well as discount vouchers and mentions on the travel documentaries.

·         Donations of over £75 will receive all of the above plus a free goody bag and advertising at the launch event / website.

·         Donations above this amount can contact me for other benefits.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Sponsor me, doing this walk jetlagged won’t be fun for me but many lives can be saved by small contributions! Even £1 or £2 would be great, please help us to make a huge difference.

All donations will be added to the sponsor page and blog so please keep updated.

Proof of handing over the materials will also be documented for the website.

Many thanks in advance from everyone!

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