Thursday, 16 June 2011

Some KLA Summer Faves

These are some of my favourite Summer songs (and before you make comments) yes I know these are old but they are reminders of the amazing time I had in Kampala in 2007/2008

Bobi Wine - Kiwaani
I can't not love this tune, despite only understanding one word (kiwanni - fake) it was played EVERYWHERE, and yeah, I just love it and have to dance to it every time I hear it.

This song is great, I think Ngoni is Tanzanian? My Lebanese friend who lives in Kampala would not stop singing this, he said it was about girls with big butts but I don't know, all I know is its a nice Summer song which makes me smile.

Now anyone who knows me knows I LOVEEEE P square, 2 Nigerian guys -  this is not my fav song of theirs but it definately reminds me of KLA since it was played non stop, this was actually the first time I heard of p square, it came on alllll the time in the clubs, and we could actually (kind of) sing along to it too. Love love love.

Love is wicked - Brick and Lace

I know, this is not Ugandan either, but any time of day or night you could hear this song coming from somewhere, a real Summer banger and I sang with with my friend everyday for the next few months after getting back home. I actually still play it quite a lot now, but I must admit I do sometimes get a bit sick of it.. Good times

Akon - Sweetest Girl

This is not really a Summer song and its a bit depressing really but it was still played in all the KLA clubs so I didn't actually take notice of the words, possibly because I had a few too many alcoholic beverages, but I love this track either way.

Zuena - Weasle & Radio
Possibly one of my fave tunes EVER. No matter how many times I play this I CANNOT get bored of it, it's impossible. I love radio & weasle's music but this is my total fave. They are nice guys too, I met them a couple of times in Silk club, Weasle asked me out to a lunch date but I was like "cough cough" I know who your girlfriend is haha (I didn't go by the way)

Mad Melon & Mountain Black - Kpolongo
Ok first 2 questions ; I know these guys are Nigerian, so can anyone tell me what Kpolongo means? Also I have searched high and low for the faster version of this song and cant find it :( where can I get it?
Ok so this song is a great memory for me because it was played loads, the Ugandans call it "gologo" and a faster track was always played in the clubs. My fav memory of this song is 2 of my friends (Kharl & Kamara) doing a funny (or maybe it was serious) dance to this song at Rugby club, which is always a great place to be..

Stipperman - Wansulo

This song isn't old, but stipper is a good friend of mine and I do actually love this song loads, he did make a proper video but hasn't uploaded it to youtube yet.

Navio & Peter Miles - Rukus

Navio is definately East Africa's best rapper, if not all of Africa, this song doesn't show his true talent so check him out he's awesome. I met Navio in 2008 when I arrived in Uganda, he donated my friend (who we were staying with)  a matress for us to sleep on, which I don't think he ever got back. Navio is an awesome guy, lots of fun we hung out quite a bit and he was even willing to watch sex in he city with us haha, luckily the cinema broke so he had a lucky escape, but in all seriousness, since I've been away the past 3 years, Navio and his crew Klear Kut have had HUGE success and have toured worldwide.

Daville - Always on my Mind

Adoreee this song, it's so sweet and lovelyyy. I first heard this in 2007 when I was staying in Kireka, one of the few moments the TV (electricity) was on

Grace Nakimera - Anfuukula
I'm not sure if I ever liked this song, but it definately reminds me of my times in KLA, it was played eveywhere, I guess I did like it in a strange way. One of my very very good friends is her manager and they have been touring across the world so yay, go Grace!

Beera Nange - Toniks

Ok last one, just like this.

Im sure I've missed some, infact I know I have, sorry people that I have missed, if I remember any more I shall add them :D


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