Sunday, 27 November 2011

So its been a while

So its been a very long while since I've updated the blog, so what happened?

Well a lot happened in Ghana and Uganda over Summer, I didn't have the time or internet connection to update.

Then as soon as I got back I started a PGCE (teacher training) and have had no time or money since. However Ive now decided that a little effort is better than none and I WILL be updating everything that happened over Summer, and lots of new things too.

For now I shall leave you some 'Behind the scenes' snaps from the Tribal shoot last weekend. 

Photographer: Nadine Ijewere
MUA and model : Grace Gray
Stylists & Models: Ib Kamara & Cee Cee
Model: Sheena
Jewellery: Amaziah Jewellery
Clothing: Ayika Couture and stylists own

 Say Cheese!

Grace working the first look, wearing stylists own dress, Moroccan earrings, Paper beads from Uganda & Ghanaian terracotta beads

Sheena, the unknowing model!

 Tidy workstation

 African Prince. Weather was COLD. Luckily Cee Cee had brought a fur coat along

 Nadine shooting in the freezing cold

Grace making Cee Cee up

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