Monday, 4 April 2011

"Ask the boys"

I thought I'd post this because it's so funny.

Basically, someone is directing me to craft workshops in Ghana where I can meet with craftspeople to bring you back some lovely fair wage jewellery.

This is what I was sent: I've highlighted the especially amsuing lines in Red. Should be an interesting trip.

There you can *** in Krofrom, near Sokoban, you should be able to ask directions to there - when you enter the village you will see a signboard and workshops on the right. ask any of the boys for a demo of what they do, and try to get that before you are taken to the shop.
(when you ask for directions be clear it is Krofrom near Sokoban, there are other Krofroms!)

If you have a Ghana driver, you can ask the Krofrom boys to find you a taxi driver called *** who lives in the village, he will be able to explain in detail how to get to the next two places. Or for ten-twenty dollars he might be willing to get in the car and direct you.

Next you will want to go to Dabaa, which is off the Sunyani road from Kumasi, about 30 minutes from the centre - fidn the Sunyani road first, then go out towards Akropong, and take the right turn - again, there are many places that sound like "Dabaa" but only one off the Sunyani road. Ask the boys at the taxis by the roundabout for Dabaa.

When you reach Dabaa, after the sign board showing the former President, there is a big open building on the left, this is the workshop. someone will find you there.

The **** are in Moshi Zongo, near the new market stalls, next to the old rubbish tip - there is a workshop building at the bottom of the hill. I think a guide such as **** might help here.

Coming back from Kumasi, about mid way to Accra, there is a town called Osino, about 20 minutes after Nkawkaw. turn left here by the bank, and this road will lead you to Abompe - its a single road with no turns until you reach a bizarre roundabout with signpost, then its a mile or so to Abompe. I suggest you go straight to the crossroads at the centre of town and ask for *****. He can give you a village tour to see ***. In all these places, say that I - ***, - directed you there.

For Koforidua, you will want to go to the market, but it is currently moving. I'll update you about that later.

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