Monday, 4 April 2011

"Next thing she's eating my Rolex"

Ok so I'm probably not going to eat the type of Rolex that Wiley was singing about. (ref: if you really want to hear it )

However I had to dedicate a post to the wonderful creation that is "The Rolex". It's not made of gold and silver, nor is it horrendously expernsive with diamonds in it, however it does have egg in it mmmm.

The Rolex is a Ugandan special, made from an omlette rolled in a Ugandan Chapati. (over the 3 times I visited Uganda I neglectfully ate my rolex's without photographing them, therefore I have adopted this photo until my next visit)

As with all great street foods, it orginated in Wandegeya, where you can find people eating and drinking in the street at any time of day or night.

The Rolex consists of a fresh omellette, finely sliced tomatoes and cabbages, chopped onions and green pepper rolled in freshly made chapati. Apparantly the name Rolex comes from "rolled eggs"  NOT to be mistaken to the other Ugandan speciality of "Egg roll" (which I did on my first trip like an amature) which is some kind of boiled egg inside mashed fried potato. Yuk. I couldn't find it on google, probably because it's so horrible.

Anyway, back to the Rolex, I like mine with onions inside, I've even had chips inside, oh and plenty of ketchup. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, I neglected to take a photo or video of the beloved Rolex, however I will make sure that I do in September when I am there, you never know I may even entertain you with a video of myself attempting to create one.

Any Ugandans out here in know what to do. (If you don't - it's : please make me one)

I shall leave you with a video of how the rolex is made, honestly though, no picture of video can do it justice <3

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