Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Full Moon - Food stuff

After my trip to Inezgane and the beach I spent the rest of the day in the hotel being angry (see previous blog post) I hadn't eaten because I felt too wound up and didn't want to venture out to get food because I'd had enough of being hassled for no reason.

Then I looked out the window and saw this 


Yup, Full moon, explains it all.

Funnily enough I was having a conversation a couple of days before about Moroccans and the full moon, I never realised it was on it's way. A Moroccan girl who has lived in Ireland for the past several years was telling me she still can't sleep when it's a full moon.

I suspect because Moroccans, and probably most other countries, are very in touch with nature and their surroundings it affects them physically (in a "lunar" (crazy) way) We don't get the same thing in the Western world because we are so disconnected from everything natural we would notice is Facebook was undergoing maintainence before we noticed the moon.

The full moon kind of excited me though so I decided to go out and get dinner (alone) after all. I put on a black jelaba to avoid harassment and left. 
As it happened I got harassed all the way to the restaurant and was tweeting about it (trying to look busy) as a group of guys talked at me incessantly.

There are tonnes of places to eat in Agadir but I headed for cheap familiar tourist territory.

If you walk down Hassan II blvd. past the square and past hotel Kamal you come to 2 big cafes ; La Fontaine & Tour de Babel. These cafe's have rooftop seating and are extremely popular in Summer   

Inbetween these 2 cafes are 2 restaurants. Le Stadt & Queens. Le Stadt was a firm favourite of mine a few years ago when a 3 course set menu was 35DH (about £3) and had the best waiter in the world who we names "Welcome welcome man" Then a couple of years ago I came back and the menu had gone up to 55DH the food was still ok, not as good as I had remembered (see pics below)




When I came back in 2008 the price had risen to 55DH and the food was ok, although I was very upset to see welcome welcome man had gone and then last year (2010) we went back again and the service was TERRIBLE. The food took about 10 years to arrive and it wasn't even good so we migrated next door to a restaurant called Queens. ( - Le Stadt - I don't know what it is like now)Last year this place was great, it was cheap and the food was good.

So I decided to eat here because I knew it would be empty and its a tourist resataurant so I wouldn't get hassled. I ordered a lamb tagine and it was pretty rubbish to be honest although the waiter was nice.

Further along, there are shops, souvenier stalls, a couple of restaurants and an Irish pub (I have a life challenge to find a country that does not have an Irish pub somewhere) a fried chicken shop a pizza hut

There is a restuarant and I can't remember if it is right next to the pub but it is definately next to the sovenier shop on the right hand side. I found this pic on google and I think its the brown one

This place makes me laugh, the menu has prices on it, but the bill comes un itemised and VERY expensive, when you ask why there is no answer, because he has basically made it all up and charged what he likes. The food is alright but not worth someone taking you for an idiot.

In Summer the area near the steps is full of stalls, music and henna artists and is a nice place to visit in the evening.

There is another good restaurant almost opposite hotel Kamal with very well priced set menu's and good food.

Around the rest of Agadir there are countless restaurants because there are countless tourists, most of these places are alright and will serve decent food, but the best food is out of town. The souk serves lovely tagines, basically any "Moroccan" looking restaurant where tourists are unlikey to go is a sign that the food will be good. Order a tagine or cous cous because they are unlikely to have menu's and probaby only serve Harira soup, tagine or cous cous.

The best food I've ever had in Morocco (not including homemade) has been in souks or in roadside cafes.
Don't be afraid of food poisoning and hygene these places are perfectly clean and serve fresh food.

There is one place I do not recommend in Agadir, that is "Tagine" by the beach, near "Ice Legend"

It is very expensive, I ordered a salad as a main and was minuscule, and the lettuce was brown,
there was no dressing and the tomato was mushy.


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