Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A day at the Market - Inezgane Morocco

The day after I got back from Ouarzazate I decided I would take a trip to a town nearby to Agadir, Inezgane.

I think originally I had planned on going to Immouzer, but I forgot the name and when Cam said I was probably thinking of Inezgane, I figured I probably was.
 He did tell me to hide my camera and belongings when I went there, before he embarked on the not depressing flight back to England.

I checked into the luxury ( 3 star) Sud Bahia hotel just off the famous Hassan II boulevard (I will review this hotel in another post) and then went back to bed.


This is my video diary.


So, as I left the hotel to withdraw more money and cry about it, I wasn't sure whether I would first visit Agadir souk or Inezgane, but when a taxi man started hassling me I figured I might as well go to Inezgane

Naturally, it was a bad idea to go with that taxi driver, not only was he way over the 50 mark (in years) and had no teeth but he had the delusional confidence to think I would go on a cous cous eating date with him and he would even pay if I didn't like his recommendation!

Somehow I managed  declined his irresistable charm, but had to listen to him trying for the whole journey.
When I got to Inezgane it was one of those "Yes! This is Africa!" moments that the European style Agadir just could not provide.

We parked up next to a busstling outdoor market where chickens were crammed into cages and sellers crouched on the curb for a spot to sell their goods. The taxi man literally commanded me to let him come to the market with me so he could drive me back but I escaped and got out of view of the car as soon as I could.

As soon as I got out I realised I had made a big mistake. I had thought because Inezgane was near Agadir, that it would be similar to Agadir, boy was I wrong.

Now, there weren't many women around full stop on this trip, maybe because it's the time of year, they come out to relax in the Summer with their families, but the women that were around in this town were covered from head to toe, and I don't mean jeans and a hijab like you find in Agadir. I mean the full Burka. I was wearing a maxi dress and a shawl. Big big mistake.

Woman in Inezgane - Image from World focus

I promised that I would try to film or photograph the souk and I did try: see effort below but I was already sticking out like a 500lb woman in a health food store.

In those kind of situations you can't really hang around, I know there was a hude indoor souk and outdoor market but I went inside the nearest one, I think it was the electricals souk on one side, and clothes & spices on the other, I tried to film a little bit around the indoor and outdoor market, basically I was holding my cam corder but couldn't see what I was filming so I apologise for the bumpy ride


It was a horrible time, BUT, much cheaper than Agadir souk, I'm not sure if they have a section for ceramics and souveniers but if they do, it would be worth taking a trip down there to save money. I doubt many of them can speak English, but if your French is understandable you will be ok.

Anyway, as I was taking a gentle stroll through the souk I did see a couple of jewellery stalls, one was full of plastic imported jewellery from China or India (which I think is terrible, because thats the kind of cheap imitation jewellery that tourists end up spending money on, leaving the Moroccan artisans in more poverty) and on the other stall there was a man making a bracelet, his stall was full of wonderful jewellery and as I pointed out which items I wanted I was so suprised he did not try to sell me one single thing, now if you know Moroccans you will also realise that is CRAZY. Granted he didn't speak English and I didn't speak Arabic, but the Moroccan language of sales knows no boundaries, any other would have grabbed the nearest English/French speaker and made him sell like crazy to me.
I was charmed by his humbleness and left with some beautiful jewellery.

After I walked around outside for a while it got a bit too much, a weird Moroccan guy was chasing me, people were shouting things at me, and I just wanted to go home. No taxi's.

I mentioned before that petit taxi's only serve their own particular town and typically, there was an abundance of little blue Fiats cruising around, but no grand taxi's that would take me back to Agadir.


Because I was feeling flustered and trying to escape from people following me I was walking around very quickly not knowing where I was headed, I almost wished that I asked the ancient taxi driver to wait for me.
After some minutes of freaking out I spotted a white grand taxi, I literally chased it around the corner and luckily it stopped to let someone out, I ran in, at this point I didn't even care what I would be charged to go home.

The taxi man dropped the other woman in the cab off and then headed back to Agadir, annoying me all the way.

I think he charged me 70 DH in the end which I already know was too much but I was NOT in the mood to haggle.

Afterwards I realised it was Inezgane I wanted to go to afterall, but because I didn't know my way around I went to the wrong part, this is the part I wanted to go to 

Image taken from Trip Advisor

and this is more or less where I ended up 

After I got back, so relieved to be back in Agadir, I went to my favourite place, the beach. Where I sat for a while before the men made me so mad I left. They will invite themselves to sit right next to you. NOT going to Morocco alone again.

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  1. When I was watching the walk through video of the market I was like "STOP! I wanna seeeeeee!" Ha ha ha! As if I could shop from a remote place in the future or something ^_^
    Sorry to hear you had such a rough time from all the guys. That's awkward.