Friday, 9 December 2011

Boda through Kireka

One of my favourite pastimes in Kampala.

A boda boda is essentially a motobike, a form of transport, supposedly quick and easy. I hear it got it's name in the 60's because there was a need to cross "no mans land" between the border of Uganda and Kenya without the paperwork necessary when travelling by car, so the boda boda men would to offer rides across the border to Kenya. To attract customers they would shout "border border" which sounded like "boda boda" hence the name. Who knows if that's true.


 Yes, I do have to do the obligatory tourist pose. 

Despite having seen countless crashes, scrapes with cars, huge bruises, broken bones, and even a dead person. I can't help but jump onto a boda boda. 

They are very cheap (just DON'T take your first price, ask a local the rates to go around town) and pretty fast for dodging traffic, although I must admit; I've scraped my knees on a few vehicles thanks to over enthusiastic boda boda drivers trying to squeeze through non existent gaps. 

Looking unashamedly like a tourist (actually, trying to pretend I was texing) I filmed these roads in Kireka on my way to the Women of Kireka workshop, just so you lovely followers can get a feel for what it's like, yes, its a very bumpy ride, Enjoy.

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